BD West Coast Trends: Insights from Dianne Lee

BD West Coast Trends

Business development (BD) in the construction industry constantly evolves, and the West Coast presents unique trends and challenges. To gain valuable insights into the future of BD in California, we spoke with Dianne Lee, Executive Director of Business Development and Strategy at Kitchell. In this blog post, we will explore key trends and observations Dianne shared, highlighting BD's changing landscape on the West Coast.

Navigating the Virtual Fatigue: The Quest for Authentic Connections

"I'm seeing our webinar numbers dwindle. People are tired of a Zoom webinar. As much as people prefer to go back to in-person... I think it's a toss-up."

Dianne points out the fatigue associated with virtual events and webinars. While some individuals are eager to return to in-person interactions, others have become accustomed to virtual platforms for networking. This presents a challenge in striking a balance between the convenience of virtual meetings and the authentic connections fostered through face-to-face interactions. BD professionals must adapt to the preferences of their clients and stakeholders while considering the changing dynamics of virtual and in-person engagement.

Embracing Technology and Human Touch: A Dual Approach

"I think from a California perspective, it's a combination of both [virtual and face-to-face interactions]... we have to embrace both."

Dianne emphasizes the importance of embracing both technology-driven approaches and in-person engagements. Building relationships in BD often involves attending conferences, which continue to be a significant avenue for connecting with clients. However, Dianne acknowledges that technology plays a vital role, especially when faced with time constraints or the need to adapt to clients' virtual preferences. BD professionals must strike a balance between leveraging technology for efficiency and maintaining the human touch required for authentic relationship-building.

Overcoming Resistance and Embracing Change: The Generational Divide

"I think the next generation... is struggling with... why bother getting a car, and... go up to the 11th floor... I can just do a Zoom call... I think it's a fine balance."

Dianne highlights the generational divide when it comes to embracing new BD practices. While older generations recognize the value of in-person meetings and conferences, younger professionals may be more inclined to rely solely on virtual interactions. Overcoming resistance to change and finding a balance between traditional and technology-driven approaches is crucial. BD professionals need to communicate the benefits of in-person meetings and create enticing opportunities for the younger generation to engage in face-to-face interactions.

Adapting to the Future of BD on the West Coast

As BD professionals navigate the future of the industry on the West Coast, it is essential to recognize the evolving trends and adapt accordingly. The challenges of virtual fatigue, the need for a dual approach integrating technology and personal connections, and bridging the generational divide are all key considerations. By finding the right balance and leveraging the best of both virtual and in-person interactions, BD professionals can thrive in the ever-changing landscape of construction BD on the West Coast.


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