AI Update

ProjectMark AI Tool
AI Assistant (Beta)
The latest innovation in our product suite - our AI Assistant, now available in beta!
Imagine commanding your CRM tool with just your voice or simple written instructions. Our newly launched AI Assistant understands and processes natural language inputs, ensuring effortless interaction between you and your business data.
The true power of this AI Assistant lies in its ability to execute multiple actions concurrently. Whether it's creating new contact records, company records, opportunities, or tasks, our AI will carry them out with unprecedented speed and efficiency. 
Take the complexity of setting up a new opportunity - our AI Assistant can effortlessly handle multiple parameters such as value, sector, due date, sustainability rating, and square footage - even auto-calculating $/SF, taking the hassle out of your hands.
With our AI Assistant, tasks that used to consume 30 minutes can now be completed in 30 seconds. This is not just an incremental improvement but a complete revolution in CRM productivity and efficiency. 
We continue to develop and refine this ground-breaking tool, and we have even bigger plans for its future! Stay tuned for updates and features designed to transform your CRM experience. 

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