Generational Differences in Communication Styles: Insights from Tom Soohoo

In the dynamic landscape of business development (BD), professionals are constantly adapting to stay ahead. To gain insights into the future of this field, we turned to Thomas Woohoo, Vice President of Webcor, who shared valuable observations. Let's delve into his key insights, supported by quotes from our conversation.

Building Trust in Business Development and Sales

"When I look at business development and sales, the focus that I have is always about how do I develop and expedite trust with an individual as quickly as possible."

Tom highlights the importance of trust in BD and its direct impact on successful sales. Building trust is crucial for clients to have confidence in your abilities and believe in the value you bring. Face-to-face interactions play a vital role in developing trust, as Tom states, "Ultimately, the way business is done to engage trust is through face-to-face interactions."

Technology's Impact on Relationship Building

"While it might seem like a nightmare situation, technology has made scheduling and attending meetings easier, allowing for a greater quantity of connections."

Tom recognizes the transformative impact of technology on relationship building. Virtual meetings through platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams have revolutionized how professionals connect. Technology has increased convenience and efficiency, enabling a greater number of connections. Tom emphasizes, "The level or the quantity of relationship building has increased."

Bridging the Gap: Technology and Nuanced Connections

"Technology has bridged the gap between in-person and remote interactions, allowing for a more nuanced connection."

In the past, conference calls lacked the visual component present in face-to-face meetings, making it challenging to establish trust and rapport. However, technology has played a vital role in bridging this gap. It has enabled more nuanced connections by incorporating visual cues and enhancing remote interactions. Tom explains, "Technology has helped out because it's kind of bridged that gap between... face-to-face and conference call."

Beyond Qualifications and Pricing: The Importance of Cultural Compatibility and Soft Skills

"Simply possessing the right qualifications and price may not guarantee success."

Tom emphasizes that successful business transactions go beyond qualifications and pricing. Factors like cultural compatibility, trust, and soft skills play a fundamental role in sealing the deal. Clients seek partners who align with their values and demonstrate the ability to foster strong relationships. Tom highlights, "The cultural aspect, the trust aspect, the soft skills aspect is a fundamental element of that transaction for a client."

Striking a Balance: Leveraging Technology while Prioritizing Trust and Relationships

"In navigating the future of BD, it is crucial to balance leveraging technology for efficiency and maintaining the fundamental elements that drive successful business relationships."

As the BD landscape evolves, professionals must strike a balance. While technology offers efficiency and convenience, it is essential not to overlook the core elements of trust-building, cultural compatibility, and soft skills. By embracing technology's possibilities while prioritizing these fundamental aspects, BD professionals can thrive in a digital era. Tom advises, "Embrace the possibilities that technology offers while prioritizing trust-building, cultural compatibility, and soft skills."

In conclusion, the future of BD lies in the delicate balance between leveraging technology and maintaining the essential elements of trust, cultural compatibility, and soft skills. By embracing technology while prioritizing relationships, BD professionals can navigate the evolving landscape and thrive in an interconnected and digital world.


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